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Imagine something so unique and resilient that it inspires you to depart from the usual thinking and routines. Our products help people around the world start their daily lives more refreshed, as well as making industrial applications more innovative. Technogel®️ not only enhances everyday experiences with its own range of mattresses, pillows and living products. Technogel®️ also supports B2B applications with tailored solutions.

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What is Technogel®

Technogel® is a unique, plasticizer-free gel material with the ability to be molded in 3D. It behaves like a liquid with the shape memory of a solid. This technology is utilized in various products, including pillows, mattresses, and living accessories, to provide enhanced comfort and support.

Technogel® Technology Testing

Technogel® Innovative Gel Mattresses

Technogel® Innovative Gel Mattresses leverage a unique PU-based gel material with 3D deforming properties, providing a balance of comfort and support. The mattresses are designed to mold gradually in all directions, distributing weight evenly and relieving pressure points.

With cooling technology and a tower-grid design promoting airflow, Technogel® mattresses offer a comfortable sleeping environment. The gel’s properties, including high restoring force and skin compatibility, contribute to a deeper and clinically proven quality of sleep. Overall, Technogel® stands out for its commitment to innovation, customization, and quality in the realm of gel-based mattress technology.