Feel Weightless.
Developed using Gel technology from BAYER, Germany, Orthogel is truly a scientific marvel; the only one to offer innovative Tridimensional support. It gently caresses your body contour to eliminate the pressure points and to relax every muscle. The feeling of weightlessness in the body drifts the mind into deeper slumber.

Key Features :
  • Orthogel mattresses are the ONLY mattresses in India manufactured using the original Gel developed by BAYER, Germany.
  • The Gel acts as a cooling agent which regulates body temperature resulting into much calmer and cooler sleep.
  • The Tridimensional property ensures the gel spreads in all directions under pressure thus eliminating peak pressure points.
  • Since the Gel is a non-toxic material, it does not breather bacteria or react with sweat. This makes it the most hygienic material to sleep on.
  • Orthogel Mattresses are available in 3 models viz. Ergogel, Latexgel and Viscogel.
  • The mattresses are covered in Anti-dustmite covers which are removable and machine washable.
  • Plush


  • Minimum Thickness


  • Sanitised Cover

    ✔✔ Removable machine washable
    outer covers

  • Reversible


  • Warranty

    10 yrs

  • Ranges Available

    3 Memory Foam mattress : With 2” memory foam. This is a Firm memory foam.

    Bodysensor Mattress : With 3” Memory Foam. This is the classic and original memory foam mattress.

    Visco Latex Mattress : This is a combination of Memory foam (1.5”) and latex (1.5”) in one mattress.

Gel technology by Bayer, Germany

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