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Pure and Strong. High Density Pu Mattresses by Foam Home are meticulously made from careful and precise combinations of various compressions of Foams. The Foam has a softer and greater comfort than most other in its category, this is because Foams manufactured by Foam Home are 100% pure and filler free. This gives it an upper hand when it comes to utmost durability as compared to commercial quality foams.

Key Features :
  • PU Foam produced at Foam Home has 100% Purity, with 0% filler content. Most commercial foams contain 35-40% fillers hence making them a lot cheaper and further a lot less durable.
  • The mattresses are reversible, with one side firm and another soft, and are cotton quilted with Anti-Dust mite fabrics on all 4 sides.
  • PU Mattresses are extremely light and hygienic.
  • The mattresses are covered in Anti-dustmite fabrics from Bekaert, Belgium.
  • High Density Pu Foam mattresses are available in 3 models viz. Firm, Medium and Soft.
  • Light Weight


  • Minimum Thickness


  • Sanitised Cover

    ✔✔ Fixed Covers

  • Reversible

    Yes One Sided Hard
    One sided Soft

  • Warranty

    10 yrs

  • Ranges Available

    3 Firm / Soft / Medium

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