Space-age Technology, luxuriously to the rescue.
Body Sensor Mattresses are made from the most luxurious cushioning material ever discovered, the Memory Foam. Memory Foam is a temperature sensitive foam that hardens under a cool temperature and softens under heat. While the Foam is extremely popular under the European weather conditions, the Memory Foam for India had to be made conducive to its unique climatic conditions. Foam Home along with Pozzi-Arosio an Italian Pu Systems company successfully launched this technology, customised for India in 2005.

Key Features :
  • Memory Foam manufactured by Foam Home is 100% pure and filler free.
  • The Bodysensor mattresses are made with Open-cell memory foam, making it very comfortable to use even in the Indian climatic conditions.
  • Memory Foam has a unique property to mould itself to the natural contours of the spine leaving every inch in contact, supported.
  • The mattresses are covered in Anti-dustmite covers which are removable and machine washable.
  • BodySensor mattresses are available in 3 models viz. Bodysensor Mattress, Memory Foam mattress and Visco-Latex Mattress.

  • Plush


  • Minimum Thickness


  • Sanitised Cover

    ✔✔ Removable machine washable
    outer covers

  • Reversible


  • Warranty

    10 yrs

  • Ranges Available

    3 Memory Foam mattress : With 2” memory foam. This is a Firm memory foam.

    Bodysensor Mattress : With 3” Memory Foam. This is the classic and original memory foam mattress.

    Visco Latex Mattress : This is a combination of Memory foam (1.5”) and latex (1.5”) in one mattress.

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